America suffering from debt has many problems

Iran’s highest leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said that thousands of billions of dollars in debt-ridden America are facing many problems. That is why the storm that hit the state of Carolina in the years before, could not overcome the damage.

He said, Washington still has been making a vulgar silence to weaken the spirit of the Iranian nation.

Today’s talks with the commanders of the army’s commanders are the top leaders of Iran’s leadership. He also praised the army’s efforts for the relief and relief of flood victims in different areas of the country.

The supreme commander of the Armed Forces said that the rise in unity between all the forces has become the reason for the anger of the enemy.

He said the right thing to do is to disappoint the enemies. On the contrary, those activities that encourage the enemies should be avoided.

Referring to the Armed Forces as the symbol of ‘national power and power’, Khamenei said, if the revolutionary guards of Iran did not cooperate to curb terror groups, then who would have asked them today?