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CRM gives money – takes it, it can indicate mesh-tear

Automated Teller Machines (ATM booths) launched in the country 26 years ago to reduce the sufferings of standing in the bank. About eight years ago, the money collected machine, which is known as Cash Deposit Machine (CDM). However, instant cash is not deposited as a customer through this machine. Now both machines of money collection and withdrawal have been introduced. The machine name of the advanced technology is the CRM or Cash Recycler Machine; That is, customers can not afford to deposit and withdraw money in 24 hours without going to the bank now. Five banks, including the United Commercial Bank (UCB), have already installed such machines, which added a new dimension to the customer’s immediate transaction with the bank. The concerned people say CRM booth plays the bank’s cashier. In addition to counting certain value notes, they are torn, dirty, Checking the original or not the fake. If you submit the following notes of certain valuation, it is refunding. The facility of payment of utility bills and transfer of all kinds of Utility bills has also been introduced in this machine.

It is known that five banks, including UCB, have installed ATM booths of more than one and a half hundred CRM technology in different places of the country including Dhaka, Chittagong. The other banks are South East, City Bank, Mutual Trust and Eastern Bank. Consumers’ responses to these booths are increasing, and transactions are increasing every day. Now, other banks are also risking setting up this technology at ATM booth. Islami Bank Bangladesh and Dhaka Bank have started the process of installing CRM.

Bankers say that ATM booths of CRM technology have become popular for people within a short time. Therefore, in phases, it is planning to spread the division, district level as well as upazila level; So that people become interested in banking services. It is also playing a role in accelerating financial inclusion programs.

Bangladesh Bank statistics department general manager. Bellal Hossain told that the excellence of technology has made life easier than ever. In CRM booth, people can now do both deposit and withdraw money. It’s time to survive. The bank’s work is also decreasing. The cost of recruiting their manpower is also decreasing.

It is learned that, in January 2010, UCB set up the first CRM booth under the pilot project near the Land Reconstruction Office in Rupganj, Narayanganj. So far, the bank has placed 122 CRM booths, which is more than any other bank. The machine booth has been installed beside all divisional cities of the country as well as district level.

City Bank launches CRM booth in June 2017 But the bank has been able to launch five CRMs so far. South East Bank has installed the second highest 26 CRM machines so far. Apart from this, both Mutual Trust Bank and Eastern Bank placed a CRM booth.

Talking to the concerned people, after collecting the money, it will be counted on that device. The machine will also check whether it is torn, dirty or even fake. At this moment the work will be completed and the deposit receipt will be given to the depositor if the money is properly deposited. Where the information collected, along with the serial number of the money deposited, the quantity, the number of accounts being deposited. And as soon as the receipt is received by the depositor, the money will be credited to his account.

Not only raising money in such a booth, it is also being credited. As a result, customers who will be able to save money standing in the bank will be protected from it. They will live their time. On the other hand, this type of machine will also work for cashier. In this, the expenditure on recruitment of concerned manpower will be reduced. There is a huge response to this. Meanwhile, 13 banks of the country have placed around 600 CDM booths. According to the Bangladesh Bank, till January, the number of ATM machines in all commercial banks of the country has stood at 10,4457. Of these, four thousand 746 are Dutch-Bangla Bank’s. AB Bank 631, BRAC Bank 441 and UCB 403.

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