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Enemy promises to rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral burned in the fire

There is an incomplete loss of the world famous Notre Dame Cathedral in the fierce fire. But most of the religious and historical priceless patterns have been preserved. The French President Emanuel Maccrouon pledged to rebuild the church. The wooden structure was burnt in the fire, two Bell Towers collapsed. The church which was about to construct 182 years, it did not take more than a couple of hours to burn. Guardian, Daily Mail, AFP, New York Times. After the fire at 6pm (local time) on Monday, it was spread on the roof. Before the high tower collapses, it destroys the structure of the wood. After four hours, the fire brigade chief J.

Claude Galllet said that the main structure was ‘protected and protected’ from the complete destruction of the structure. Historian Kameli Pascal told the French media, BFMTV that the fire is destroying the ‘untimely heritage’. Holding up this cathedral was standing in Paris.According to the BBC, the collapse of roof and pyramid-like structures of the 850-year-old structure in the six-hour fire collapsed, but the main structures built on stone and two towers have been protected, officials said. The fire-fighting force personnel came to work immediately after the fire, but they understood the situation, to protect all the priceless works of art in the Middle Ages. Quoting Paris Mayor Ann Hidalgo, Reuters reported that valuable paintings in the church were preserved and they were moved to a safe place. The chorus of Thorns, the Holy Father of the Church, said that the holiest ‘Crown of Thorns’ was saved to Christians. According to Christian religious beliefs, Jesus Christ was crucified with this thorn in his head when he was crucified.

It was a gift from French Sovereign Ninth Louis Baygentine Srater in the twelfth century.According to Patrick Shuvo, members of the fire fighting force have to be prepared for the preservation of valuable art works. Reuters reports that a fire brigade member was injured when the fire broke out. This is the only incident of wounds in the fire. It was not sure how the fire started. The BBC quoted French officials as saying that the fire was triggered by any disruption during the renovation of the building. Paris Prosecutor’s Office said, how the fire started, they started investigating.The French President Emanuel Macroon suspended the speech to his nation after hearing the news of the fire, according to the LC Palace. Later, he ran on the spot, helplessly saw the Notre Dame Cathedral burned, in whose eyes it was ‘horrible tragedy’.

He said, the worst thing has been avoided. The flames of the cathedral considered to be the soul of the French nation once made the risk for the whole area. Thousands of French and tourists gather at the nearby streets. As well as fire control, the cathedral officers and the excavators are busy keeping the priceless assets inside. Almost 400 firefighters also took part in the cathedral.It can not be said now how long it will take to rebuild this church. Experts say, it may take several years and even decades to come. The President said after the fire, “I feel very sad that today, like everyone else in my country, burning in this part of our house is very painful. We will reconstruct the Notre Dame again. ‘