Heard stories of gold drowning in prison

1905. Russian ship ‘Dmitry Danscoi’ was drowned in that year. It is said that the ship was worth hundreds of billions of dollars of gold ornaments. Start from that For more than 100 years, Dimitri Danscoi has been trying to get rid of Sonadana Power Lover. Three people were sentenced to South Korea on this incident.

The BBC reported that three people accused of spreading speculation that the sinking ship called Dmitry Danscoi was found. They are the officials of an organization named ‘Shinil Group’. Shunil Group announced in July that Russian ship Dmitry Danscoi was found. With this announcement, Shanil Group collected 8.9 billion ore from thousands of investors. Shortly after this, the money collection could be fraud.

The Shinil Group claimed that there are more than 200 tons of gold ornaments on the ship Dmitry Danscoi. Later, the case was filed in court. In a Seoul court recently, it has been proved that the claim of the Shinil group is false. A Vice President of the company has been sentenced to five years in prison. The court has given two years and four years imprisonment to former chief of Shanil Group and another senior official respectively.

Judge Choui Yo-Mi said, They were convicted considering the level of crime. They have taken a great deal of money.

Dmitry Danscoi drowned during the war between Russia and Japan This ship is said to have hundreds of billions of dollars of gold. But experts believe that there is nothing more than speculation about the huge amount of gold in the vessel.