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How many days before the currency was circulated in the world?

Economy is a bit of a scourge, but occasionally it is also found to have joyful fountains. Especially in the ancient history of the economy to know. Think of the time of the time when a currency was not introduced thousands of years ago? How did the man buy? Yes, we all know that through the system of exchange, all the needs were met. But we do not know the time of the currency circulation. The history of the currency will be organized.You may be surprised to hear how many years ago the currency was circulated in the world.

From now on, about four and a half thousand years ago, the first evidence of exchange system was found in Egypt. Before that people used a lot of money as money. Salts, coffee beans, grains, cows and sharks, valuable stones are also excluded. The people of ancient times carried on everything as exchanges. However, the king of Lydia launched the first currency. Today is part of Turkey. The first currency was seen by the hands of this lady, the people of the world. He was a billionaire. But today we can see the kind of currency that they did not have at the beginning.

The weight of the coins was incredible. Weighing up to 20 kg of metal made of metal is also matched. Once in Sweden, we weighed about 20 kg! Do not you feel surprised? It’s just a matter of time. It is also a matter of how the weight of the coin used to carry so much weight. On the other hand, Nepal had introduced the smallest currency in the world. Whose weight was only 0.002 grams! It was the cheapest coin to carry.

The type of writing on the currency is basically used as a type of code. Because, due to lack of space, so much writing was not possible. So the code was used briefly. During the previous period, most of the currency was grooved on the edge. Otherwise the merciless traders would have to read the coins! Dishonest traders were heard to have removed precious metals from the currency.But now there is no chance. We all know that. After the bank note came, the circulation of the coins was reduced considerably. And got the touches of modernity.

These notes made of special paper are watched. The catchment of light that becomes clear becomes obvious. There is less chance of counterfeiting of notes as there is a certain type of security yarn. There is no way to get precious metals out of the currency. The most interesting thing is that we did not have any less analysis on paper notes like currency. Note is printed even with stamps! Morocco, which has been introduced in Morocco When the currency was in circulation, it was not possible to make very big transactions. That money has changed very much. From Tea-Bidi to the market of thousands of rupees from the banknote notes. It was not possible to do with the coin.

There is no doubt that a new dimension has been added in exchange for the payment of paper notes. But the transaction has allowed scope for a bigger amount to be put in place. It is difficult to tell how much money can be transacted through paper-made checks. Once, the US Ambassador to the government of India wrote a check of $ 27.91 million to pay $ 490. Bangladeshi money, which is about two billion! Think of it! Such a large amount of money was only transmitted through a paper!It is not the case that the check was in circulation in the previous year. With no paper circulation as it was now, people wanted to write checks on anything!

The stones, collar shells and even the skin of leather as the check paper! But there was a possibility of a loss of checks after the coin, coin coins. In the digital market era, people are reluctant to accept anything. Checks may be lost on the cashless market. In the near future, maybe the world’s people will choose the digital marketing system. It will also be lost for conventional coin, paper notes and check!