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In the face of criticism, Sourav dropped out of BCCI

Sourav Ganguly has left Indian cricket board in the face of criticism. Indian media has said that he has left the job for the IPL.

While playing the role of the President of the Cricket Association of Bengal as well as playing the role of consultant of the IPL team Delhi Capital, Saurav faced criticism.

In a letter sent to the Indian Cricket Board about performing two conflicting duties, Sourav said, “I was a member of the board’s technical committee, the IPL technical committee and the IPL governing council. I have resigned from these posts. At present I do not have any position in the board. Even I do not have the office of the board of the Apex Council or the Board of Bearers. I am not even a member of the Board of Cricket Committee. ”

The legendary Indian cricketer also said, “I am not in any place, from where I can make an impact on anything. I am not doing anything, that is why I have to refrain from working for Delhi Capitals. Besides, curator of the board has now made an IPL match pitch. So the allegation against me is totally baseless.

Played cricket with good name. There is no scandal in Sourav Ganguly’s cricket career. The responsibility of the Cricket Association of Bengal is being handled successfully by retiring from cricket.

Sourav Ganguly is working as consultant to Delhi Capital of the current IPL. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) had directed Sourav to give specific reasons to perform two conflicting assignments on 7 April.

Recently, three supporters of Kolkata-based Ranjit Shil, Abhijeet Mukherjee and Vashavati Santuya complained to the judicial magistrate about how Sourav, who is in charge of Bengal cricket, can be signed with another franchisee.

Before the match against Delhi, the cricket fans of Kolkata demanded that the local pitch maker should give the pitch to the advantage of his team.

Moreover, according to the law of the BCCI, an authority can not be in charge of different positions at the same time. But Sourav Ganguly did that.

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