Japan’s new emperor Naruotto

Japan’s new emperor Naruotto said that he will play the role of state and unity. After the debut of the emperor today, the first public speech on Wednesday, Naruotto gave public speech. His rule began officially from Wednesday onwards.

According to the BBC, 59-year-old Naruotto took charge as an emperor through a royal ceremony on Wednesday. Naruot’s father Akihito retired recently. 85-year-old Akihito left the throne showing the old age and health reasons. In the history of the past 200 years, an emperor of Japan first voluntarily withdrew.

Akihito now known as ‘Emperor Emeritus’. Akihito and his wife Michiko are very popular among Japanese people. Especially the victims of natural disasters and those who suffered from diseases were advised to help.

On assuming responsibility as the emperor, Narutosh paid tribute to his father Akihito. Naruotto said, ‘He (Akihito) showed a deep sympathy to the people. I swear I’ll follow what Emperor Emirit has shown and I will fulfill my responsibilities as a symbol of the people of the state and Japan.

news agency Reuters reports that although Emperor has no political influence in Japan, he is honored as the national symbol. In the meanwhile, on Tuesday, at the middle of the night, Naruotto became emperor. Today, his authority on Wednesday was formalized.

Japan’s new emperor Naruotto and his wife Masako aueda are known in the country as the symbol of modernity. Naruotto studied at Oxford University. He thinks that the royal family members should take a different role in the changed world system.