New Delhi has protested, trying to seize Indian embassy in Karachi

Efforts are on to seize the Indian Embassy building which was closed several years ago in Karachi, Pakistan. New Delhi has expressed strong resentment towards Islamabad in this regard. The Indian government has been asked to vacate this property immediately.

It is known that the Indian embassy in Karachi was closed in 1994. In 1993, a series of blasts in Karachi were shot in Mumbai. At that time, Dawood Ibrahim himself was present in the city.

As a result, Pakistan was not liking the presence of Indian diplomats in the city. That is why under pressure from the Pakistani army, the Indian embassy has to be closed in Karachi.

The six-storey building in Karachi’s elite area is empty. Earlier, the windows-door slabs, electric appliances have been taken out by miscreants. After the evening, there are drug addicts who sit there.

There is a gambling presence in the nose of the administration. Now the attempt to grab the entire building has started. Delhi has complained to Deputy High Commissioner Haider Shah about this issue. If the Pakistani administration does not have the power, how can the embassy building be occupied in such a way that India can be occupied?

India’s last ambassador to Karachi, Rajeev Dogra, said that the city has five properties in the city, including embassy buildings. Trying to occupy the building without the help of the Pakistani government is not possible

In 1990, the attempt was taken to occupy the building. However, the efforts of Indian diplomats to solve the problem. Tensions rise after the Pulwama attack between India and Pakistan The situation has become complicated again in such cases.