Revenue Collection at Bhomra Land Port is Taka 867 Crores

Satkhira’s Bhoomra Land Ports in the first nine months of the current fiscal year revenue earning 867 crore 33 lakh 86 thousand 763. According to the target of last nine months, there are still 36 crore 39 lakhs shortage. Revenue collection of Taka 204 crore 43 lakh was more than the first nine months of the fiscal year 2017-18, said the concerned people.

The source further said, in the nine months till July-March of the last fiscal year, the revenues had been recovered from Taka 66.29 crore. According to the revenue department of Bhomra Customs Station, the revenue target of the port was fixed at Taka 903.77 million in the first nine months of the current fiscal year 2018-19. Of this, 64 million 86 million in July, 847 million in August, 58 million 61 lakh in September, 870 million in October, 111 million in five lakh in November, 117 million 27 million in December, 116 million 76 million in January, 137 million 58 in February Targeted revenue collection target of lakhs and lacs of 132.14 million taka was determined.

According to the source, in the last nine months in front of this target 867 crore 33 lakh 86 thousand 763 taka collected revenue from the port. In July, 474 million, 94 thousand 127, 60 crore 48 lakh 45 thousand 703 in August, 88 crore 43 lakh 94 thousand 273 in September, 85 million 26 lakh 52 thousand 660 in October, 108 million 28 million in November, 67 crore 33 in December , 140 crore 43 lakh in January, 97 million 53 million and in March 117 million 58 million.Bhomra Land Port, C & F Agent Traders Association General Secretary Mostafizur Rahman Nasim said that Bhomra land port is very likely, but many of them are facing discrimination in the import of goods.

All the goods can not import even after the full port. Traders here. As a result of the increase in the government revenue as well as allowing the import of all-item commodities, there will be further expansion in the commercial trade at Bhomra port.