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Salma Hayek’s husband donates nine and a half million rupees to rebuild the cathedral

Firefight French President Emanuel Makhon also announced the creation of the cathedral. In the meantime, the 850-year-old cathedral has announced a huge amount of money to rebuild the famous actress Salma Hayek’s husband and François Oreye Pinno of the French billionaire. He has announced to donate around Tk. 900 crore to Bangladesh money.

According to the British media standard news, Pinno said donating 100 million euros to rebuild the cathedral. More than Tk 953 crores in Bangladeshi money. Pinno said in a written statement on Tuesday, “I and my father decided to give 100 million euros to get involved in the whole reform of the Notordem Dame Cathedral.

Earlier, President Emanuel Makhon had said that he would collect funds for international reconstruction of the architecture. Describing the fire incident as a ‘horrible disaster’, Makhon said, “There could have been a big disaster.

56-year-old Pinno, the chief executive officer of French luxury group Kering and an industrial collector. International brands of fashion brands such as Balenseagua, Gucci, St. Laurent, Alexander McQueen, owned by Pinnoe Kering Group.

In 1963, Pinno’s father founded the Working Group. Then since 2005, the company’s chief executive officer is in charge of Pintos, one of the wealthiest people in France. According to the February 2015 feasibility, Pinno’s total assets amount to approximately 25.5 billion US dollars.