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Summit Communications Is Backing As Much As Maintain The Web Service Uninterrupted

Summit Communications Limited (SCL) Submarine Cable (SMW4) Internet during the Internet during telecommunication infrastructure sector, Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network (NTTN), International Internet Gateway (IIG), International Terrestrial Cable (ITC) and Interconnection Exchange (ICX) Backups to keep services uninterrupted Is given.SMW 4 Consortium is launching the SMW 4 cable schematicly on April 20.

This has resulted in the creation of outgrowth in the entire SMW4 Cable system in the country. It’s about to end on May 1. This 12 days around the country will reduce around 300 Gbps bandwidth. That’s why internet service speed has started to decline.

However, Summit Communications Limited has prepared its network in such a way that the customers of SCL (more than 350 GBPs) will not be able to get into this trouble due to some additional bandwidth for ITC, SMW4, SMW5 and trouble-free networks.During this type of national crisis, SCL’s ITC plays an important role in providing backups.

Apart from this, NTTN of SCL on Dhaka-Kuakata route is not only providing the highest internet bandwidth of SMW 5 for SCL IIG, but it also provides services to the remaining IIGs in the country. Which provides SMW 5 bandwidth at the time of this maintenance of the country. Above all, during the disaster situation, SCL is ready to back up with full capacity.

Summit Communications Limited MD & CEO Arif al-Islam said, “For several years SMW4C has been experimenting with various types of maintenance programs. Nevertheless, during this maintenance or outage planned, SCL has provided uninterrupted service to customers, especially after the start of SCL ITC. This time it is not different. We are trying to develop as the best connecting platform with the availability of 100% for the customers and to provide uninterrupted internet services to the country.

As the country’s largest ITC operator with the highest number of optometric connectivity, advanced network equipment, expert team and excellent quality service, the Summit is moving forward in creating the best connectivity platform to ensure hassle-free security for all its business partners. There are several tertiary cable routes between Bangladesh and India’s ITC networks, which are more connected with the world by using different submarine cable systems, such as: IMEW, TGN-EA, TIC, SMW4, IIi etc.

Summit NTTN has set up 45 thousand kilometers of fiber across the country. All mobile operators, IIGs and ISPs are cooperating. Summit IIG is providing more than one-third of the country’s total internet bandwidth demand. ITC is providing uninterrupted services to customers through a sophisticated powerful network by importing bandwidth worldwide.

Through the Bangladesh Submarine Cable, BScCL (SMW4 and 5) and the terrestrial cable through India makes upstream views of the Internet. Currently, about 1.1.1 bps internet bandwidth is used in Bangladesh through SMW4, SMW5 and ITC. SCL has collected bandwidth from both ILDC systems (via submarine and terrestrial).

It provides a one-third of the bandwidth demand across the country, by ensuring a secure network to provide uninterrupted experience of respected customers, which is more than 350 Gbps. SCL provides uninterrupted internet bandwidth, through bandwidth bandwidth from potential gateways of Bangladesh (Cox’s Bazar, Kuakata and Benapole). So it is well known as the country’s most trusted service provider.