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The burden of Rs 8,500 crore rupees of bank loan in the neck of the jet.

The future of the workers is uncertain.

Jet Airways’s domestic and international all types of aircraft’s are closed in the fund-raising, India’s largest private airline company Jet Airways. Jade Airways got wings two and a half decades ago. International service launched after domestic flights at the beginning But due to lack of capital, wing is to be wiped on Wednesday. 

Two airlines of Jet Airways are operating daily on Dhaka-Kolkata and Kolkata-Dhaka routes. Responding to a question about whether there is a possibility of a temporary increase in the business of airline companies of Bangladesh, Mr. Abdullah Al Mamun, Managing Director of US-Bangla Airlines, Private Airlines, Private Limited, probably the Indian SpiceJet and Indigo Jet Airways will start flights on lease with this lease. . Jat employees will also be recruited. He also said, the airline of the country’s airlines will get jet passes as long as the Indian airline company’s flights are not operational on Dhaka-Kolkata route.

At present, the burden of Rs 8,500 crore in the debt of the bank. At the same time, employees have owe the salary of at least three months. The return ticket will also be refunded. As a result, many people think, the fate of Jat is uncertain if someone is not capitalized again. They are now looking at the process of taking the burden on the issue. Two or three weeks left to understand the results.

On Wednesday evening, Jet Airways said in a statement that due to lack of capital, they are now forced to suspend the service. The last flight of the night went from Delhi to Amritsar. Under this circumstances, the meeting of the Jat in the Prime Minister’s Office was held till Wednesday night.

Naresh Gawal started Jet Airways in 1992 as a travel agent’s agent. They first faced financial problems for the first time in 2010. Gale was able to cope with the shock. But I could not do this again. In addition to the cheap ticketing competition in flight warfare, the cost of services including fuel prices was rising slowly. Then they were in danger. In the next four quarters, the face of the loss is seen. The rest of the oil companies’ money They were unable to repay the loan. Along with that, airfare companies paid money, workers’ salaries were also owing. With the rest of the money, the supply of fuel is stopped several times.

Finally, 51% of Jetties of Jetties took part in the lenders group of the State Bank of India led by the State Bank of India. The decision was made that Gale will step away from Chairman’s post. His share will be reduced. The share will be reduced by another partner historian  Auction Process Auction Partnership As well as talking about, the bank will now provide Rs. 1,500 crore to run the service. But that money did not match up.

In the last five years, at least seven airline companies in India are out of service. These include Damania, Modulufat, Sahara, Air Deccan, Kingfisher. Indian government is creating airports and infrastructure to expand communication between small towns. In this situation, the wings of Jat is not considered positive even for one day!

The Indian Air Force, however, said that the central government will help in the plan to bring the jet back to the sky.