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External hardening is a portable storage device that can be connected to a computer via USB or FireWire connection or wireless. External hard drives often have high storage and are often used to use computers as backup or a network drive. The external hard drive is used to carry the media, back up and save the media while the computer’s internal drive is out of memory. The external hard drive is called portable hard drive.

The external hard drive usually has two interfaces – USB or Firewire. USB hard drives often use the USB 2.0 interface because it supports data transfer rates up to 480 Mbps. USB 1.1 only supports the maximum transfer of 12 mbps, which makes the hard drive even slower for most patients. Firewire drives can use firewire 400 or firewire 800 supporting supporting data rates of 400 and 800 Mbps.

External hard drives can hold fans for cooling and this is very popular because it can be safely stored under portable devices and lock and keys because it is not about computers.


Users who need external hard drive perform audio and video editing. This is because high-quality media files can even fill the largest hard drive. Fortunately, external hard drives can be chained, which means they can connect to the series and can be used at the same time. This can save virtually unlimited quantities.

Users who do not require additional storage can still find out the external hard drive useful to back up their main hard drive. External hard drives are a great backup solution because they can save the exact copy of another hard drive and can be stored in a safe place. It is easy to connect to the computer and to remove the necessary files from Drive to other drives using the drive to restore information or to perform other backups.



Portable external hard drive, easy to use and whenever you need it you can provide storage in a large quantity.

Wherever they want users can store actual devices and keep a large number of files with them.

Another advantage of external drives is that users can migrate from one computer to another, and they make them great for sharing large files.

Due to large storage capacity, external hard drives are often used to store backup files.

To back up things like backing up music, video or photo collections on external drives, it is common to use a backup program if they are incorrectly altered or deleted.

Although not used for backup purposes, external hard drives provide an easy way to extend the user’s existing memory, which can not open the computer, which is especially difficult to use. Notebook


Internal hard drives are directly connected to the motherboard, when the external drive is first performed on the outside of the computer, directly on the motherboard.

Working system and software program set up records data are often put in on inner drives, when exterior exhausting drives are used for non-system records data comparable to pictures, movies, paperwork, and records data.

Internal hard drive takes power from the power inside the computer. The external hard drive data is driven by cable or dedicated AC power.

Data stored on an external hard drive can be compromised more easily because it usually has a table or desk, it makes it easy to recover and steal. This is different from an internal hard drive where you have to take the whole computer or remove the hard drive, since someone can access your files physically.

External hard drives are often transferred more than internal drives, which are more sensitive to damages due to mechanical damage. Less likely to damage the SSD-based drive flash drive.

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