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The Hammantota port is controlled by Sri Lanka itself

Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ronil Bikramasinghe has said that the port of Hambantota is not in China’s hands. He said that the safety and operation of the port is completely under his government. As a result of China’s investment in this island state, he made such comments in the context of creating anxiety in many countries including India. Online Times of India reported this.

Bikramasinghe spoke in the third Asia-Europe Political Forum for two days. During this time, he said that Sri Lanka has maintained a friendly relationship with all countries. Moreover, they know about trends or trends in the present world. He said, from the beginning of our history, India is our partner. We have excellent relations with Japan.

We are among the first countries to recognize China. We will continue this situation. We will not be stuck in any competition.

Ronil Bikramasinghe said that many people think that the port of Hambantota is China’s military base. I accept that there will be a military base. But it will be a camp of Sri Lanka’s navy. Once it was established, one Rear Admiral of Sri Lanka would control the camp. From any country there will be any ship in there. But we will control its operations. He also said there is no military conflict in the Indian Ocean.

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