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Theresa may resign on the issue of the issue

British Prime Minister Theresa May has said that if the issue is not effective in the issue of issue, then she can resign. If the British MPs agree to leave the European Union, they are ready to resign.

However, the Prime Minister’s Office Assistant said that if the resignation in May, the opposition will support the opposition agreement. British Prime Minister’s Assistant to the Opposition, after a meeting at the British Prime Minister’s residence checkers on Sunday, asked.

It is said in the news that the level teachers who are seeking information from the opponents do not think that these officials themselves have asked such questions. Through this, there is a glimpse of the British Prime Minister’s resignation wish on the issue of the issue.

Breakthrough agreement signed with the European Union has been rejected in two stages in the British parliament He is facing opposition from his own party and opposition MPs on this agreement. The next round of voting in the third round of the parliament next week

Meanwhile, a BBC report said that if the Prime Minister promised to resign, May be able to get the support of her own party MPs on the issue.
In this situation, on Sunday, the Prime Minister’s residence checkers meeting with the MPs of the Conservative Party. In the meeting, among the MPs known as hardline Braxist supporters – Boris Johnson, Ian Duncan Smith, Jacob Reis-Magog and others were present.

Note that European leaders agreed to leave Britain on April 12 from the European Union. The European Union has agreed to extend the deadline for the success of the contract to May 22 next week. But if it is not effective, Britain will automatically exit the European Union on April 12.

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