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Today the fate of workers living in Malaysia is being determined

Malaysian administration gave the space to legitimize the illegal force in the region more than once, thousands of workers still could not be valid. The political leaders will gather today to arbitrate the fate of these illegal workers. As a result, the buzz in the council is that the fate of workers from different countries in the region can gauge what might happen. The leaders of the community say that the management of Bangladesh will have to reach with the vulgar in alert, outside the one of Bangladesh.

There is no office for null feels at the governmental and private levels in positive access in the district. In addition, the leaders of the consistory have turned the freedom of arrested Bangladeshi citizens and all of Bangladesh without formalities to be brought before the law. The high officials of the legation say that the people who have been in a fraudulent enclave and who have been in final with the competent authorities of the division to protect the illegalities under the law.

In the light of a feverish flirtation, curiosity is seen in the light of the Sabah province in Malaysia. These are the opportunities to legalize foreign workers in Indonesia and the Philippines. Migrants from these two countries have begun to be legitimate outgoing month. The last one will be September 30. The minister of Saba province told the announcement fundamentals that illegal immigrants would use this division to illegally start illegal paste with nominal tribute.

The immigration region of the department initiated a massive recrimination on August 31 of the known year. Thousands of illegal immigrants were arrested. In this year, latticework of 14,000 foreigners from different countries were arrested. Among them, there are more than three thousand five hundred Bangladeshi. Multiple sources said that, after the province of Saba, the space to become illegal by law can continue in Malaysia.

The process can show some sectors of the illegitimate model of the year. The trough said that the right opportunity can live open for those who were last seen in fingerprints and traps for legalization. With the expectation of this motive, the immigrants who live in the place, the immigrants who live in the country. In August of the previous year, the room constituted a partial committee to organize the policies of foreign workers. The party committee presented the report in the government with eight months of completion.

According to the sources, the announcement has been prepared on the principle of hooking fundamental notion. According to sources, domestic policy, prizes policy, occupation policy, return policy, regularization of undocumented workers, extended and welcomed and legitimacy. A reliable pylon said that the board will be transported to wire today to make it more dynamic.