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US Elections in 2020 Socialism vs Trendy

Socialism versus monarchy has become a major issue in US politics after 30 years of Karl Marx’s birth and the death of the Soviet Union. The progressive part of the Democratic Party is openly proposing socialist programs. On the other hand, President Trump and ruling Republican Party capitalized this ‘left-wing’ of Democrats and began to raise the 2020 election as a referendum on socialism questions.

Speaking to journalists on Thursday, Republican leader Mitch McConnell said that the Republican Party against Socialism was a barrier wall. This will be their main weapon against the Democrats in 2020 elections.

Notable, the most left-wing part of the Democratic Party in Congress has already proposed a ‘full green economy’ program to prevent ‘health insurance for everyone’ and climate change, which is another name for the socialist system in Republicans’ eyes.

The President Trump is leading the attack on socialism . In his speech of ‘State of the Union’ in January this year, he said that the United States will never become a socialist country. Recently, he also said, “If the Democrats win the full green program, then I should say I should lose.”

Democratic Party leaders are worried about the issue. Many people say the proposal of the left-wing party has presented progressive parts, the American people are still not ready for it. Following are the programs like ‘Health Insurance for All’ and ‘Full Green Economy’, the newly elected Congress members like Alexandria Okasio-Terve and hiss. Four of those already nominated for Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 2020 are already supporting the program. The moderate leaders of the party say that the team is divided into questions about socialism. If you advance with this program, the team will not be able to defeat the trump, yet the senate and the representative council will face a disaster in the elections.

Last week, Congress members of the Democratic Party interacted on the issue in their annual conference in Virginia. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, at the moment what is needed most is the party’s unity. Instead of splitting the ideological question, the establishment of consensus towards the party’s parliamentary avenger would have priority to him.

In this situation, the pressure on the Democratic Party to increase the popularity of a pro-moderate moderate candidate in the next presidential election. Many say that former Vice President Joe Biden can be one such candidate. According to the latest opinion poll, most Democrats say Baiden likes them. Senator Barney Sanders is the most left-wing candidate of the party, lagging nine points ahead of him.

Biden, who has not yet announced his name as a party candidate, said he liked Barney Sanders, but ‘I’m not Barney’.